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4WD control unit — replacement

Note: The 4WD control unit is located at the top of the instrument panel.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable (see Troubleshooting).

2. Remove the upper instrument panel (see Instrument panel — removal and installation).

3. Remove the harness clips from thedefroster nozzle assembly, detach the three retainers and remove the defroster nozzle assembly from the vehicle.

4. Below the defroster nozzle assembly,remove the two retainers (down at the bottom) and pull the heater-to-register duct upwards to detach the six retainers and remove the heater-to-register duct from the vehicle.

5. Locate the 4WD control unit and disconnect the electrical connector.

6. Remove the mounting bolt and removethe 4WD control unit from the vehicle.

7. Installation is reverse of removal.

8. If the back door was open during thisprocedure, after reconnecting the negative battery terminal and connections, close the back door to relearn the closed position.

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