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Coil spring (rear) — removal and installation

Warning: Always replace the springs as a set — never replace just one of them.

1. Loosen the wheel lug nuts, raise the vehicle and support it securely on jack stands. Block the front wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Remove the wheel.

2. Detach the stabilizer bar link from the lower suspension arm B.

3. Support the lower suspension arm B with a floor jack.

4. Unbolt the outer end of lower suspension arm B from the knuckle, then slowly lower the arm until the coil spring is extended. Remove the coil spring.

5. Check the spring for cracks and chips, replacing the springs as a set if any defects are found. Also check the upper insulator for damage and deterioration, replacing it if necessary.

6. Installation is the reverse of removal. Be sure to position the lower end of the coil spring in the depressed area of the arm. Tighten all fasteners to the torque values listed in this Chapter’s Specifications.

Note: Before tightening the fasteners, use the floor jack to raise the suspension to simulate normal ride height.

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