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Rear main oil seal — replacement

1. Remove the engine/transaxle assembly.

2. Remove the drive plate (see Driveplate — removal and installation).

3. Pry the oil seal from the rear of the engine with a screwdriver. Be careful not to nick or scratch the crankshaft or the seal bore. Be sure to note how far it’s recessed into the bore before removal so the new seal can be installed to the same depth. Thoroughly clean the seal bore in the block with a shop towel. Remove all traces of oil and dirt.

4. Lubricate the outside diameter of the seal and install the seal over the end of the crankshaft. Make sure the lip of the seal points toward the engine. Preferably, a seal installation tool (available at most auto parts stores) is needed to press the new seal back into place. If the proper seal installation tool is unavailable, use a large socket, section of pipe or a blunt tool and carefully drive the new seal squarely into the seal bore and flush with the edge of the engine block.

5. Install the drive plate (see Rear main oil seal — replacement).

6. Install the transaxle to the engine (see Automatic transaxle), then install the engine/transaxle assembly.

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