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Battery cables – replacement

1. When removing the cables, always disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal first and hook it up last, or you might accidentally short out the battery with the tool you’re using to loosen the cable clamps. Even if you’re only replacing the cable for the positive terminal, be sure to disconnect the negative cable from the battery first.

2. Disconnect the old cables from the battery, then trace each of them to their opposite ends and disconnect them. Be sure to note the routing of each cable before disconnecting it to ensure correct installation.

3. In most cases, the battery terminals are not part of the cables and are serviced separately.

4. If you are replacing any of the old cables, take them with you when buying new cables. It is vitally important that you replace the cables with identical parts.

5. Clean the threads of the solenoid or ground connections with a wire brush to remove rust and corrosion. Apply a light coat of battery terminal corrosion inhibitor or petroleum jelly to the threads to prevent future corrosion.

6. Attach the cable to the solenoid or ground connection and tighten the mounting nut/bolt securely.

7. Before connecting a new cable to the battery, make sure that it reaches the battery post without having to be stretched.

8. Connect the cable to the positive battery terminal first, then connect the ground cable to the negative battery terminal.

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