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Antenna — replacement

Warning: The models covered by this manual are equipped with a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), more commonly known as airbags. Always disable the airbag system before working in the vicinity of any airbag system components to avoid the possibility of accidental deployment of the airbag(s), which could cause personal injury (see Airbag system — general information).


Fixed antenna

1. Unscrew the antenna mast from the base mount.

2. From inside the vehicle, remove the access panel at the rear of the headliner (if equipped).

Note: If there is no access panel, the end of the headliner must be lowered.

3. Disconnect the antenna cord from the base and unscrew the base from the roof panel.

4. On fender-mounted antennas, raise the vehicle and secure it on jack stands.

5. On fender-mounted antennas, remove the front wheel.

6. Remove the antenna assembly from the vehicle body.

  1. On front top-mounted antennas, remove the driver’s side door pillar trim to access the antenna cable.
  2. On fender-mounted antennas, working in the fender well area, remove the antenna mounting bolt

7. On fender-mounted antennas, push the

antenna mount into the fender to separate the assembly from the grommet.

8. Remove the radio (see Radio and speakers — removal and installation) and disconnect the antenna cable.

9. On fender mounted antennas, remove the glovebox (see Body) and pull the cable from behind the dash.

10. On automatic power antennas, disconnect the antenna cable from the motor.


Fixed antenna

11. Thread the antenna mast onto the base mount and tighten it securely.

12. Working in the dash area, feed the antenna cable behind the glovebox and into the radio.

13. Install the radio (see Radio and speakers — removal and installation).

14. Install the glove box (see Body).

15. The remainder of installation is the reverse of removal.

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